Mike Portnoy - Testimony 2: Live In Los Angeles (Live Drum Cam) - DVD

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Mike's Drum-Cam footage from Neal Morse's Testimony 2 Tour. 
Audio options include: Full Band, Isolated Drums, and Audio Commentary from Mike Portnoy and Neal Morse. 
Set 1 
The Separated Man 
Sola Scriptura Medley 
Seeds of Gold 
Testimony 1 Part 5: 
     Overture No 3 
     Oh Lord My God 
     God's Theme 2 
Set 2 
Testimony 2: 
     Mercy Street 
     Overture No 4 
     Time Changer 
     Nighttime Collectors 
     Time Has Come Today 
     Jesus Blood 
     The Truth Will Set You Free 
     Chance Of A Lifetime 
     Jesus Bring Me Home 
     Road Dog Blues 
     It's For You 
     Crossing Over/Mercy Street (Reprise)